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I have happily attended four performances of the Shakespeare Man. Two of the performances were for my own business and charitable needs. The most recent of these was an appearance at the Park Cities Rotary meeting of 175 to 200 Dallas business men and women...

It was my responsibility to arrange for the speaker, and I was not disappointed.  I watched the crowd for their response to Shakespeare Man, and they were fully engaged by the speaker and his message. The message was “Shakespeare: A Shrewd Businessman in a Dangerous Elizabethan World,” but I‘ve heard a different message each time I’ve seen him.

Each of his performances has been delightful and very interesting. Mr.Clover-Brown uses humor and history in ways that are unique and entertaining. He can deliver any message with a flair that enables him to bring life to any subject.

I highly recommend Shakespeare Man to businesses or charities that need to deliver a relevant, professional message to their target audience.
Randy Michero, Program Chair, Park Cities Rotary
President, Michero and Associates Insurance /
/ johnmichero@att.net



Accolades and kudos to Shakespeare Man! We have had the distinct pleasure of Robert Clover-Brown's company for the past three years as he intrigues and mesmerizes our 8th grade students who will soon have their first taste of the Bard with THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.

Mr. Clover-Brown offers unique insight and detailed background information not only about Shakespeare, but also about the time period. Students receive a full range of material suited for both English and History classes. His method is both educational and entertaining as he engages students in participatory exercises which are fun for all ages.

Remember, "All the world's a stage", but no one can bring Shakespeare to life like Mr. Clover-Brown!
Lynnette Burleson, 8th grade English Teacher, Fort Worth Country Day School


The Cleburne High School Library hosted Shakespeare Man. Groups of our 9-12 graders attended the performance with their English classes. Each period we had about 65-70 students in the audience. Most of the students have studied one of Shakespeare's plays or sonnets this year so the background information about the Globe, Elizabethan London, and Shakespeare's life supported our curriculum perfectly.

The students all seemed to enjoy the production, especially the interactive nature of the performance. I highly recommend Robert-Clover Brown for a visit to your school.
Fran Rader, Librarian, Cleburne High School


Over the last four years, Robert Clover-Brown has become an incredible resource for the Fine Arts Department at the Episcopal School of Dallas. As Shakespeare Man, he created several successful workshops and performances for two thousand high school students at the ISAS Fine Arts Festival in 2006 at our school and for one of our yearly Shakespeare festivals.  

He also served as the dialect and acting coach for two of our productions, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST and MY FAIR LADY. Our students responded in a positive manner to all of his numerous suggestions about how to improve their Cockney and proper British accents.  His work as the adjudicator and acting coach for the English-Speaking Union's Shakespearean Monologue Competition has been invaluable to our students.

All of us have been very impressed and pleased with his intellectual knowledge, his work ethic, and his willingness to adjust to the demands of teaching at the high school level.
Elaine Biewenga, Chair, Fine Arts Department, Upper School, Episcopal School of Dallas


It was a great pleasure to have Mr Clover-Brown visit our High School and take our students (9th grade, in the Gifted and Talented program) back to the time of Shakespeare. He was very enlightening and greatly reinforced student learning......The students also enjoyed hurling Shakespearean insults at each other while Shakespeare looked on.

I would hope that many schools have the opportunity to meet the man behind Shakespeare and increase their knowledge of Shakespeare and his world.
Jan Wilson, Sherman High School, English Language Arts, English 1 - GT



Not only does Shakespeare Man add to the students’ perception of the Renaissance writer and his historic context, but he also aids the students in understanding the brilliant wit and language of the author.

Through interactive participation with his audience, Shakespeare Man draws all who hear into a wondrous and inventive round of sixteenth-century bantering that helps everyone to understand both the language and the tone of Renaissance sarcasm.

Truly, having Shakespeare Man appear before your group of enthusiasts will enhance any reading or writing project and will ignite an unquenchable curiosity in your audience.
Lisa Lundy, Ph.D., National Honor Society Adviser English V Advanced Placement, German I-IV Advanced Placement Naaman Forest High School


Mr. Clover-Brown's presentation brought to life William Shakespeare, his life and times. My middle school students were captivated by his portrayal of Shakespeare. They were entertained as they gained important information on one of the most influential men in history.
Susan McCormick, Drama Instructor and Fine Arts Chair, Highland Park Middle School



I wanted to thank you for the amazing presentation today (for two separate groups: elementary age kids & secondary age kids). I received some wonderful feedback from several people, and they couldn’t say enough about you. In fact, Rebecca called me, and we spoke for about 20 minutes about what sort of program we might put together next.
Jennifer Tellef, Home School Coordinator and Mom



Shakespeare Man enraptured our audience with an outstanding interpretation of the personage and works of William Shakespeare. His theatrical ability, command of language and thorough knowledge of Shakespeare’s works, are without peer. All members of our audience, especially teens, enjoyed his performance and would welcome him back anytime.
Tom Keener, Cultural Arts Manager, Allen Public Library, Allen


Robert Clover-Brown as Shakespeare Man is one of the truly innovative and original programs available in North Texas and beyond. He brings Shakespeare, the man, to life in a way that many who experience his show never have seen before, nor will see again.

The perfect balance of energy, history, laughter and insight, I would recommend Shakespeare Man for anyone who wants a fantastic show for their library, school or event.
John Trischitti III Assistant Director, Hulsey Public Library, Terrell 


An intergenerational crowd of 145 filled the North Meeting Room to see… Shakespeare Man. There were 101 teenagers and children as well as 44 adults in attendance...

Shakespeare Man gives new life to William Shakespeare by making the works and words of England’s most famous playwright fun and informative for audiences of all ages – even teenagers...

After the program, audience members raved about the performance. A regular attendee said that she “was completely captivated by the program”

The Shakespeare Man program is a literary event that is informative, accessible, entertaining and appeals to different age groups.
Melissa Beavers, Reference Librarian, Garland Central Library

(Shakespeare Man) was really informative ….I figured it would be a snooze-fest, just stay until you get your extra credit. But it was really enjoyable.
Teenage audience member at Garland Central Library, Garland, TX, quoted by Courtney Flatt, Dallas Morning News


Teens getting into Shakespeare? Unheard of? Well, you’ve heard of it now. About 140 adults, and teens of all shapes and sizes, were intrigued, amused, entertained, and educated at the Rowlett Public Library by… Shakespeare Man.

The hour flew quickly by with more information and more laughing, so that when Mr. Shakespeare said the evening was drawing to a close, some of the students responded with a loud, "No!" Many of them stayed afterward for questions and autographs.
Cassie Wilson, Youth Services Librarian, Rowlett Public Library


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